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Omy Maldonado

About Omy

Omy Maldonado is a lifelong resident of the Lehigh Valley and a proud member of his community. He is a neighbor who has seen and shared the struggles working families face every day. Omy grew up in poverty on the southside of Bethlehem where he witnessed firsthand how his mother had to decide every month between feeding her children or paying the bills. Omy never allowed his humble beginnings stop him from wanting more for himself and his community. 

Military Background

In 2009, Omy joined the Marine Corps. He served in an artillery unit reaching the rank of Staff Sergeant. He served honorably and through hard work, honor, and integrity his military service was able to put him on a different path. Omy left the Marine Corps in 2017 and returned home to Pennsylvania with his family. Omy works as a consultant helping companies figure out ways to improve their businesses. Today, he is a husband, a father and a Marine Corps veteran who was deployed twice. Omy is a first-generation college graduate and was able to turn growing up poor into earning an MBA.


Omy has lived through the past two years and saw how the priorities of his community were not the priority of Harrisburg. Now he is running for the Pennsylvania State Senate because our community deserves someone who lives through the same issues as we all do. He believes it’s time we have someone new representing us. Someone who shares the everyday struggles of today. Someone who has the same concerns for our future. And someone who will fight for every person left behind, every child in need of a better education, and who will always put our community first.

The use of military photos in uniform do not imply any endorsement by the United States Marine Corps or Department of Defense.

Why I’m Running

Our children and grandchildren will live in a world that is decided by the decisions of today. The unconstitutional restrictions put on all of us these last two years has driven me to make sure we pass on a better future full of freedom to our children. It’s time to usher in new leadership, new ideas, and have someone who has our shared experiences go to Harrisburg to represent us.

Omy Maldonado


Election Integrity

Every election matters. Omy believes that our elections should be a process of integrity and transparency. He believes that we cannot have faith in the leaders we elect if policy and legislation become enacted without the voice of the people. He believes this opens the door for elections to be questioned. Omy will go to Harrisburg to restore election integrity by fighting for voter ID and eliminating drop boxes.

Education & School Choice

Omy believes that a quality education is the miracle of America. He believes education is the key that lifts people from poverty into a life of possibilities. As a father with children in public school he believes every child should have a chance to access a quality education of their choosing. Omy will go to Harrisburg to fight for the parent’s right for choice, transparency, and opportunities.

Protecting our community

Protecting the community we live in is something Omy believes we all share. Omy knows that our safety and freedom is because of our law-enforcement and first responders. He will always fight to protect our communities by always funding the men and women who serve to protect us.

Economy and Jobs

Omy is committed to making Pennsylvania competitive and a place where companies want to come to. He will work to get the government out of the way and grow our economy and jobs by reducing our corporate tax rate to attract companies to make Pennsylvania their home.

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